The template*

Everything you need ready-made. Just focus on your work

Get enough of starting from scratch?

You don't need to waste time building your app from scratch. Bananasplit-js comes ready-made and it is still clean!

Get started

Let the magic happen

Create a new project

npx bananasplit-js new "my-app" --git



Build the stack

Add your environment variables to .env

yarn build:stack | npm run build:stack
Ready to dev

How it works

Easy and fast as you can't imagine

              # [Sequelize]

# [Database]

Set your environment variables

Add your database engine, database name, and credentials. No need to create the database.

              # choose your package manager

yarn build:stack
npm run build:stack

Run the stack builder

It detects your package manager and database in order to install Express, Typescript, Sequelize, Jest and drivers! It also will run an integration test to check the setup

              # choose your package manager

yarn dev
npm run dev

Start the development server

The services are already written. Your database is already created. Just run the development server and start to code!

              yarn build
yarn route:list
yarn generator:create
yarn test:watch
yarn upgrade:stack
yarn lint:fix

¿Need to perform an action?

The swiss knife of scripts. Pick up what you need: Run the route inspector, create fake data in command-line, run tests in coverage mode, etc...

Backend can be wonderful!* _

import { Stack } from '@bananasplit-js'


Start with strong wings

A ready to code project structure

A predefined structure project with an intelligent modularization

All Built-in

All your stack installed and configured ready to code!

Service Providers

No need to write a line to start. The server is ready

File templates

A set of template files including routes, controllers, models, tests, and more

Lightweight code implementation

The same Express code you always knew

JSDocs3 documentation

Documented code based on the most professional practices

More Features